“The Monetarists and the Evolving Crisis: Wake Up, Americans; We Are Losing Our Great Nation” by William H. James, Ph.D      

BUILD, STRENGTHEN, AND IMPROVE BOTH THE NATION AND MANY LIVES. The nation should be strong, independent and free; it’s relative strategic power should be increasing; the lives of people should be improving; and the nation should have a strong, vigorous and well coordinated political, economic, and geopolitical program for achieving these purposes and serving both the nation and the people. It appears that neither of the nation’s two major political parties now has this type of program. The following book review suggests that I have some worthy recommendations. Also, see my website www.buildusanow.com and read my book.

Book Review
Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
“The Monetarists and the Evolving Crisis: Wake Up, Americans; We Are Losing Our Great Nation” by William H. James, Ph.D. provides the definition of monetarism as a debt-based monetary and banking system which, in effect, can create money out of thin air. The focus of this book is the United States and its political and economic situation. James offers suggestions that will assist in changing the national growth, strength and supremacy. The United States was once a resilient nation. However, that has changed. We are at an all-time low “politically, economically, diplomatically, and geopolitically.” We are sinking in debt and our monetary system no longer works and neither does our banking system. We have done this to ourselves by pushing “export-oriented trade policies and exporting many of its domestic strategic capital assets to other nations.” Unemployment is at a high and the people are discouraged. James continues by discussing the effect of Monetarism on the Armed Forces and the political system. He stresses the need for strong leadership. In Part II James discusses a National Economic Development Bank among other topics.
Dr. James presents his ideas in a well-organized manner. It is obvious that he has spent much time researching and pondering on the current situations in the United States. James presents an in-depth look at the state of our country and offers solutions. It is very easy for most of us to pinpoint the problem areas but few of us can actually suggest ways to solve our problems. Dr. James writes in a bold, knowledgeable manner. This book has very important information in it for all Americans and should be read by citizens as well as politicians.
(Author’s Bio) The author has a baccalaureate degree from Brown University, masters and doctoral degrees from Yale University, an honorary doctorate from the University of New Haven, 60 years in education including 40 years of teaching and administration from the elementary grades to higher education; four years of military service during World War II primarily as a combat intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Air Force in India, China, and on Tinian Island; and additional years of adjunct teaching of history, international relations, macroeconomics, management, labor-management relations, and other related subjects at four colleges and universities. Other background experiences are described in this book. 8/29/12
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            Nine important types of recommended actions follow:
(1) Recognize that a primary cause of the nation’s problems, and also the problems of the Euro-zone nations, is a monetary and banking system which is faulty both mathematically (See Ch. 4-5) and in relation to current national and world conditions. Consequently, the USA should give first priority to constructively modifying and reforming its monetary and banking system.
(2) Also recognize that new fiscal (budgetary) changes, regardless of their nature, are not monetary reforms but, instead, they are primarily changes in  governmental procedures for collecting and distributing tax money. Consequently, regardless of any fiscal changes which are made, the nation will continue eroding internally, and declining in relative strategic power until the nation’s own elected leaders enact significant and substantive constructive reforms of its own national monetary and banking system.
(3) Shift national reasoning away from nation-weakening debt-based monetary reasoning to nation-building asset-based economic reasoning;
(4)  Consider people to be the most important national asset for achieving all national goals; consequently, give the highest priority to all public programs and services which improve health, education, all environments, social cohesion, and the security and safety of individuals;    
(5)  Nationalize all or part of the Federal Reserve System;
(6)  Create a new national bank for financing the nation’s foreign trade and shift the nation away from its present nation-weakening, debt-based, export-oriented, and so-called “free” trade policy to a new nation-building, asset-based, import-oriented, and “strategic trade policy;
(7)  Reduce public debts including the national debt, neutralize the adverse impact of the interest factor in the nation’s monetary and banking system, balance national and state budgets, strengthen the nation, and increase employment by creating a new National Economic Development Bank (NEDB) for underwriting a massive asset-based and debt-free national infrastructure program. (See Chapter 17 of my book.)
(8)  Get the USA out of the IMF and get Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which are issued by the IMF, out of the nation’s monetary and banking system. Since 1950, after the U.S. helped create the IMF in 1944, the U.S. has been in five wars and, as expected, lost strategically in each. About 120,000 servicemen have been killed. Now about 50 million people are living in poverty. As for the SDRs, they were injected into our monetary system in 1969 and since then the national debt has risen at an average annual compound rate of about 1.068. (See Ch. 2.)  
            (9) Realize that the USA is strategically weak in an increasingly dangerous world. Also realize that the USA cannot win strategically in peace or in war, regardless of the strength of its military forces, unless it is powerful based on the astute strengthening and coordination of all its strengths—political, economic, geopolitical, diplomatic, social, and military. The nation is in danger and it urgently needs a new type of political leadership! READ MY BOOK!
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