Posted by Mukund Nori on Dec 15, 2011

Kevin Sullivan is a 2nd year honors student, at the top of his class. He is an outstanding young man who continually strives for excellence in everything he does. His work is of the finest quality, well beyond his years. A classroom leader, Kevin regularly demonstrates patience, fair-mindedness, preparation, and respect. He is a model of our school's PBIS expectations. Kevin is also an active member of our school community, working with such groups as Student Council, Interact, Kaleidoscope, the Art Club, and the Drama Club. And he fences! This dedication to our school and local community, and broad range of interests, is impressive. In a very short period of time, Kevin Sullivan has made a significant name for himself at NBHS.  He is rightly respected by peers and faculty alike. He is seen here holding his certificate flanked by President Bob Hull and President-Elect Mary Lou Gargiulo, with his proud parents on the left and the Principal and Vice Principal of NBHS on the right.