ImageHow does one describe a man who sacrifices everything he owns to help those in dire need? The only term that comes to mind is "Angel". That is indeed what Pastor Shedrick is. An ordained minister by vocation, he answered the call to service through action. He sold all he owned and moved with his wife and mother-in-law into the Dellville shanty town in Germiston, a suburb of Johannesburg, where he used the money he garnered from his sale to renovate a corner and some structures across the "street" [if you can call a mud road with an open sewer running through the middle that] without any training in masonry, carpentry, or other skills. Thus, he established the Rose of Hope Care Centre where he currently houses and takes care of over 130 orphans, many of whom have HIV/AIDS or other illnesses. He ensures that they all get their medicines through government programs. Further, he hires himself out to earn money which he then uses to finance the center. Although not a Rotarian himself, he is the epitome of what Rotary is all about.

ImageThe Rotary Club of Johannesburg East, a club of only 11 members, has taken this incredible centre as their project. The club helps Pastor Shedrick obtain food, clothing, sanitation and other needs. Children who were emaciated are now thriving, happy, laughing, going to school, and because of the efforts of the pastor and the RC, they have hope for a better future. Recently, Rtn. Silvio Di Stefano [seen here on the right, with Pastor Shedrick on the left and President Amanda Botha in the middle] obtained a food supplement that he is helping to provide that has made a tremendous difference in the health of the children. For more information on this project please visit:

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